Transgressions of Transgender Essay

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Transgressions of Transgender, A reading of
I Am vidya: A Transgenders Journey by Living Smile Vidya

Sajna Hameed Assistant Professor, Dept. of English St. Aloysius College, Elthuruth

Introduction “There exists no prohibition that cannot be transgressed.” - Georges Bataille “Concern over a rule is sometimes at its most acute when that rule is being broken, for it is harder to limit a disturbance already begun.” - Georges Bataille
Blurring the boundaries of race, gender, nationality, and sexuality has become a common denominator in defining personal identity in the twenty-first century. Exploding previous notions of these categories as fixed and static, artists today are taking an active role in exposing them as
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The term ‘queer’ has moved from a pejorative to symbolize a new identity category within the LGBT community and a catch-all word for those who resist traditional ways of identifying their sexual orientation and/or gender identity within popular culture. Queer theory is built upon Derrida’s (1965) theory of deconstruction as it is applied to gender- that what society has assumed about sexual orientation, bodies and gender is not Truth transcendent, but instead is “dependent upon other small-t truths, and that it is culturally constructed” (Wilchins, 2004, p. 44). Queer theory said that there is an interval between what a subject "does" (role-taking) and what a subject "is" (the self). So despite its title the theory's goal is to destabilise identity categories, which are designed to identify the "sexed subject" and place individuals within a single restrictive sexual orientation.
Transliterature is transgender fiction which is by the narrative and not the author. These are works that has a transgender protagonist. This is significant because most trans characters that appear in books and film are secondary characters or antagonists. Trans literature is considered predominantly to be connected really explicitly to transgender authorship. I believe that trans

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