Transgenerational Family Therapy Essay

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Trans generational Family Therapy
Erika Jefferson
February 18, 2013
Becca Myers
BSHS 312
University of Phoenix

Trans generational Family Therapy originated from the work of pioneers named Murray Bowen, Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, James Framo, Norman Paul, and Donald Williamson. Those theorists shared the common belief that the problems in the present day with marriage are related to the issues from a person’s family origin. The theorists had different practices but their beliefs was the road to problem resolution involved working with more than one generation in therapy. The misconception of the theory was that most of people’s problems were caused by their family of origin. The beliefs in which
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Which destiny flows with the things that a person actually deals with in their life such as ethnic identity, gender, physical handicaps, parental divorce, abuse, illness, and so on. The second dimension is Psychology; it focuses on the meanings in which individuals attribute to relationships and facts. The things that fall under that category are cognitions, emotions, fantasies, and other symbolic processes (Boszormenyi-Nagy, 1991). Transactions the third dimension, dealt with organizational patters within the family, such as the hierarchy, triangles, and interactional sequence. In the study of therapy most models have focused on this dimension to help their clients. The fourth and final dimension is relational ethics; it supersedes all the others and serves as the theoretical cornerstone of contextual therapy. The key to the context is the emphasis on Trans generational entitlements and indebtedness in the formation of symptoms within the family. James Framo defined the relationship between intrapsychic and transactional influences is primary. Framo’s theory of symptoms is based on the object relations concepts that emphasize trans generational projective identification, in which children subtly collude identifying and acting out the projected bad objects of their parents or their spouses and children. Norman Paul believed that family member’s feelings that are withheld are connected with grief. It involves

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