Transgender People And Restrooms : Neutrality Is The Best Policy

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Transgender People and Restrooms: Neutrality is the Best Policy

College and university campuses have evolved over the years to provide safety and inclusion for its students of various backgrounds. However, a group of individuals attend school every day and are restricted from a basic human right: using the bathroom. Transgender students, or students whose gender identity does not conform to the gender that was assigned to them at birth, are susceptible to harassment and violence on campus because of sanctioned rules and social conditions that restrict them from using the bathroom of their choice. Discrimination against transgender individuals, or transphobia, is a force that some students face every day, and public bathrooms are often the scene of transphobic acts against transgender students. Debates on transgender rights concerning public bathrooms have risen in the recent years, and an ultimatum has yet to be reached between opposing sides of the discussion. One of the many propositions to answer this concern is to create more gender-neutral bathrooms that people of any gender may use to create safer and more discrete locations for transgender students to use the restroom.

Transphobia is an inherent mindset that is subconsciously taught to people when they are young. Growing up, children are taught to assume that a person with a strong jaw, wide frame, and excessive body hair are men. More specifically, they are taught that these individuals are cisgender men, or men…

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