Transgender Orientation And Gender Identity Essay

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Transgender people are the gender they identify as and it makes sense that they would use the bathroom that correlates with their gender identity just as any other man or woman is permitted to do. However many people are of the opinion that transgender people do not belong in the bathroom of their gender identity. Gallus Mag in his post ‘Men Love the Ladies Restroom-Transgender Edition’ believes that: Transgender Activists always dismiss the realistic concerns that women have about allowing males into spaces that are sex segregated for female privacy from male predators. … These activists deny and disregard the real threat to females by males, even males who want to dress in feminine clothes or who “feel like women inside” or who have a psychiatric disorder that causes them to claim they are actually female, even though they are male. These men do not give a shit about the actual people they want to minstrelize and dress up as and mimic (GenderTrender).
His mistake is assuming that transgender women are actually heterosexual men who would use the opportunity to spy on women. Transgender women are not men and it’s already illegal to spy on people in the bathroom. If it was truly a case of fear about females being sexualized in the bathroom, people would also be fighting to deny access to lesbians and for gay men in the male bathroom. That does not happen, and yet they assume letting transgender women into the women’s bathroom would lead to harassment…

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