Transgender Discrimination And The Transgender Community Essay

1936 Words Nov 28th, 2016 8 Pages
Since most people believe transgender do not face true discrimination they do not think they deserve rights protected by laws; however, transgender face just as much discrimination for being who they truly as any other minority group, so therefore, they should be allowed to have government laws protecting their rights from being discriminated against just like any other minority group. That being said, the transgender movement has existed since the ‘50s trying to gain rights and recognition for their cause. Since the movement started there have been thousands of deaths in the transgender community caused by people who discriminate against transgenders. So many lives that there is a Transgender Day of Remembrance in the transgender community to pay respects and to remember the lives lost because people refuse to allow the government to pass laws protecting transgender against discrimination. Not only are lives being lost in the battle for transgender rights but some have lost their jobs, homes, and sometimes even their freedom because they identify was the gender they see themselves as truly being instead of conforming to what society says they should be. Society believes that people should identify as the gender they are biologically not as the gender they openly believe they are. People that do not believe transgenders are not denied any basic human rights do not see or have to deal with the internal struggle to be someone they are not and have to go to work in an…

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