Essay on Transgender Attitudes Of Transgender People

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Did you know that approximately 41% of transgender people attempt suicide? This number is only approximate because so many transgenders are still “in the closet” about their identity, so in actuality, this number is a lot higher. There’s no reason for this number to be so high, because they are people too. They are not “those things” or “it’s”, they are simply another human being trying to figure out their identity. Many cisgendered (or people identifying as the gender they were assigned to at birth) people don’t understand the struggles of transgender people; the stress of transition, the pressure to follow with what their peers want, even physical harm comes their way. In summary, they way transgender people are treated by other peers in a home or school environment affects them negatively.

“You heard what happened to Sly? Anyway, they all call him Michelle now and he had a new baby-” (Get the Gang Together, Gerard Way)

When asked to explain what being transgender means, many student had little to no idea what they were even being asked. Answers ranged from “changing your privates” and “person with both kinda stuff” to “Not identifying with the sex you were assigned at birth and feeling more comfortable and natural with different pronouns than were given with the designated sex at birth.” and “Someone whose gender doesn 't match their sex. Just a human.” This just goes to show that many aren’t educated enough about transgender issues, or even the basic principles of…

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