Transformational Leadership Essay

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This paper will describe transformational leadership and its effectiveness in nursing management. Transformational leadership is a newer leadership style that has just recently been implemented amongst managers and peers. Transformational leadership is effective when dealing with conflict. This paper will identify ways that transformational leadership can be used.
Transformational Leadership Transformational leadership is described as a person who has the ability to make followers into leaders and promote change (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). Transformational leadership encourages staff empowerment (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). It is thought that if staff feels empowered then they will work harder by collaborating with each other instead
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Nurses want to be involved with the decision making on their units because this is what they are used to when providing patient care (Thyer, 2003). According to Thyer (2003), transformational leadership encourages communication and encourages an overall long term change because staff feels empowered by being part of the decision making process (Thyer, 2003).
Transformational leadership allows the organization to become more flat allowing for shared governance amongst nurses (Thyer, 2003). Autonomy is expected. It improves accountability because nurses are not just being told what to do they are expected to be accountable and responsible (Thyer, 2003). According to Thyer (2003) if nurses are employed in a transformational leadership environment, it will increase their satisfaction and they will want to stay (Thyer, 2003).
Literature Review #2 In Newton (2010), it discussed the importance of transformational leadership and its retention of nurses. Retention of nurses remains a huge problem to most nurse administrators globally (Newton, 2010). Increasing nurse satisfaction remains a priority according to Newton (2010). Rehiring of nurses who leave to dissatisfaction in the work place is costly. It can cost facilities almost two times the amount of one nurse’s salary (Newton, 2010). In addition when nurses are not satisfied it increases sick calls which are also costly that can lead to overtime expenses (Newton, 2010). Transformational leadership can provide

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