Transformational Leadership : Transformational Change Essay

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Transformational leadership involves raising both leaders and followers to achieve greater motivation and morality. Mitchell et al. defined it as, “a style of leadership that transforms followers to rise above their self-interest and challenges them to move beyond their current assumptions (Bass & Riggio 2006; Pieterse et al. 2010).” While transformational change can be highly rewarding, approaching a large change movement due to a shift in worldview needs to be addresses throughout the company. If both leaders and followers do not adjust to the change, it will not stick and the company may falter. By employing transformational leadership where all levels are able to address the change, the change is more likely to be successful. While transformational leadership will look very different in organizations based on the mixture of personality traits, experiences and knowledge, as globalization increase, all organizations are effected by the need to adjust to market development and technology development. This is especially seen in academic and business organizations. In this article, Regina Hechanova and Raquel Cementina-Olpoc explore the effects of these settings on the commitment to change and success of the change implementation. describe the research problem or issue that was investigated
The study examined the commitment to change among academic and business organizations that had undergone organization transformation in the past 5 years. They theorized that given Shein’s…

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