Transformational Leadership: The Four Components Of Emotional Intelligence

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This paper has been formulated to explore the four components of Emotional Intelligence (EI), and how they aid leaders achieve strategic goals that support organizational goals and visions. In doing so research is conducted on the leader styles of transactional and transformational leader’s are compared and contrasted. The research discerns how EI factors as a critical skillset for communicating the organization’s mission and vision statement to employees in a synergistic approach that garners employee discernment and acceptance. Introduction Emotional intelligence (EI) is a critical skillset required in today’s workplace. EI is the ability of a person to recognize, express, and understand emotions; and the capacity to regulate both negative and positive emotions in oneself and others (Matthews, Zeidner, & Roberts, 2003).
Leaders that possess EI are successful with communicating
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Transformational leadership is challenging. It requires the leader to be aware of oneself, their relationships with other, and with the organization (Hacker & Roberts, 2003). They seek to empower employees by successfully communicating an organizations mission and vision (Hacker & Roberts, 2003). Empowering employees helps them relate their life’s purpose with their work, and the company’s mission and vision (Hacker & Roberts, 2003). Empowerment requires the leader to focus on the job, and also understanding the employee’s talents and goals. (Hacker & Roberts, 2003). Transformational leaders are focused on team building, motivation, collaboration, and incentives to push the organization to higher levels and professional growth (Ingram, 2015). Transformational leaders are also linked with employee effectiveness and commitment to the organization (Leban & Zulauf, 2004). The transactional leadership style is effective in certain situations; their approach differs, and their success does not have lasting effects on a company’s mission and

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