Essay on Transformational Leadership : Large Corporation

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Transformational Leadership to Large Corporations
This TED-talk analyzes the role of transformational leaders in large corporation. Transformational leader is a main character of a whole organization that is considered as the heart of the body. I would like to emphasize on the crucial components and traits that a qualified transformational leader needs to have.
The idea of transformational leadership method was invented by expert leader James Burn in 1987 (Bromley, & Kirschner, 2007). He first introduced the concept of transforming leadership in his descriptive research on political leaders, but this type of leadership has been applied broadly in many popular corporations as well. According to Burns, transforming leadership is a process in which “leaders and followers help each other to advance to a higher level of morale and motivation” (“Transformational Leadership”, 2015)
The standards of transformational leadership can be divide into four categories that are idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration. The description of the four factors will be illustrated in the following:
• Idealized Influence: Doctor Huse illustrated the term idealized influence as “envisioning; it is foundation for future progression and development” (“Transformational Leadership in the Era of Change”, 2012, p.8). At this state, leaders tend to seek for respect, trust, and admiration from their employers by staying through difficult moments…

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