Transformational Leadership In Twelve O Clock High

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Twelve O’clock High is a movie about the 918th Bomb Group in World War II that earned a reputation for being the “hard luck group.” Consequently, the group commander was relieved of his command and replaced with a new commander. As a result of the command change, the group was turned around to be one of the most effective bomber groups in the war. There are several instance of leadership found throughout the entirety of this movie. However, only a few aspects of leadership will be examined.
First, this paper provides a brief character background of the main character, General Frank Savage. Next, certain actions of General Savage will be discussed in the context of situational leadership. The third aspect covered is General Savage’s
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This is important, because James Burns was heavily influenced by Maslow’s Theory of Human Needs. As a result, transformation leadership theory takes into account Maslow’s theory, which is unique in leadership style theory because many leadership theories do not account for the human needs found within Maslow’s theory. Transformational leadership theory states that leaders inspire their followers to accomplish the mission through a clear vision. Meanwhile, the vision, if articulated properly, establishes a since of pride in the followers to serve as a foundation to provide oneself with a true identity. In turn, the followers’ production and effectiveness will increase, and the followers trust and loyalty to their leader will be …show more content…
Individualized consideration is an element of transformational leadership where a leader tailors their approach when dealing with different individuals; whereas, intellectual stimulation accounts for a difference of thinking. Inspirational motivation is probably the second most important aspect of a transformational leader because this element is where the leader must clearly state their vision and bring everyone together to instill pride. Idealized influence is the most important aspect of a transformational leader since this element relies on the leader to walk the walk and take risk to show their subordinate that they are willing to stand up for them. Therefore, the true measure of success for a transformation leader is the leader’s overall influence on their

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