Essay about Transformational Leadership : Developing A Team

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Developing a team can sound easy but when you have to put together a team that your job depends on, a certain level of stress develops. Everyday leaders are asked to created teams to solve problems. These teams range through many different fields including athletics and business. Leaders are asked to produce the an effective team that will bring positive results to their program of business. This team building often contains elements that are outside the control of the person selected to create the team. Leaders are asked to put together a team full of multiple personalities, different levels of experience, and often times different levels of education. If the selection process is not difficult enough for the leader, they are then asked to create a productive team full of these intermingled elements. This is true test of transformational leadership often times results in a leader 's advancement or firing within their company.
Transformational leadership is the idea of collaborating with others to create an atmosphere that allows for success. It means coming together as a team, with the the group 's best interest in mind. Kathleen Bois and Jane Howell explained in their study of military teams, the importance of this type of leadership, “transformational leaders attempt to build collective identity through the articulation of new interpretive schemes for their team members.” These results express the idea that leaders should attempt to work with their employees on…

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