Transformational Leadership And Transactional Leadership Essay

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Leaders in modern times tend to be more selfish in that they want to feel as if they are solely the key position in an organization. By doing so they do not create leaders around them, causing organizations to have dips in their performance over time. The solution to keeping a companies results constantly improving is a concept known as transformational leadership. This structure allows for higher up leaders to interact meaningfully with subordinates, as well as more middle-management power, and it allows companies to become responsive to the ever changing market.
Accordingly, contemporary organizations depend on the proper leadership structure to continue a constant improvement in their products or services. The use of a limiting leadership structure can hinder creativity and cohesion between departments and groups, while a more open structure can spark innovative ideas and improve overall productivity in the organization as a whole. Mr. Burns introduces two key leadership concepts known as transformational leadership and transactional leadership. These concepts were used historically in militaries, corporations, and even small cultural tribes. The transformational leadership concept also referred to as the leader-to-leader structure or a flat organization disperses authority and control at all levels of an organization. Transactional leadership creates an emphasis on key leaders to guide the organization towards success while transitioning together with the existing…

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