Characteristics Of A Transformational Leader

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Have you ever worked in a group in which one of its members took control of the situation, knowing the exact purpose of the group, showing enthusiasm for work and the ability to give others the feeling that they are capable of achieving just about anything? This person is called a transformational leader. According to Stephen, the author of Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Transformational leadership is one of the styles of leadership that can inspire those who follow: through words, ideas, and behavior, for a positive change. These leaders are generally energetic, full of enthusiasm and passion. Not only that but they are also interested in their work and are deeply immersed in the process, caring about the success of other members …show more content…
I dream of becoming a successful auditor. Having transformational leadership skills is vital in this field of work. As stated by Alan W. Anderson in “The Characteristic of a Successful Auditor” article, “An auditor that is a leader finds solutions to complex problems and has the ability and skill to assist in getting the solutions implemented.” Auditors need to be seen by their clients as trusted agents with leading authority. Firms trust them with large amounts of money and sometimes the fate of the entire company. Therefore, the work needs to be carefully done with every detail accounted for. When problems arise, auditors need to quickly find solutions. One of my favorite quotes by Henry Ford is, “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” This is a classical statement that every well-run audit firm can probably relate to. True leaders and great auditors don’t place blame, they find solutions. As I mentioned earlier, great leaders care about the success of others. It takes much more than just learning about credits, and debits, and completing checklists in order to become a successful auditor. It takes commitment and hard work to learn the leadership skills and characteristics. Once characteristics of leadership are learned, the leadership then has to be earned. Having an open mind, trust, ability to motivate and inspire others is what it takes to become a transformational leader. Similarly, you need the same kind of skills to become a successful auditor. I’m at the beginning of my path but hope that with hard work, my personal desire and help of great professors, I will reach my

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