Essay on Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader

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A trusted transformational leader will be needed and will thrive here. A transformational leader appeals to its follower’s ideals and values. They are charismatic and true visionaries. They inspire others to go beyond and work to attain goals and obtain greater accomplishments. The inclusive process allows for a more diverse and creative influx of information and problem solving avenues (MacGregor Burns, 1978). A transformational leader can breed admiration, instill confidence, and persuade commitment from its followers (Kling, 2016). It is a leadership style a vast majority will want to identify with. Which is why our leadership should be an adequate representation of the people.
Public Administrative leadership should encourage notions of fair representation throughout. Public Administration moves from policy development to implementation and in order for a policy to be effective it must be accepted by those it was constructed to assist. Which is why administrators must be aware of the public they are serving. This includes encompassing programs that cater to the people being represented, as well as, those individuals having the opportunity to be included in the deciding powers. Representation pillar of public administration is often discussed when looking at areas of gender equality and diversity. Leadership should reflect its people, and in order to do so leadership should in turn mirror the people being governed. Let us take a more unconventional approach to…

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