Essay on Transformational Leaders : Leadership Skills

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The trajectory of the sports industry is constantly changing. This is partly due to the numerous transformational leaders that have brought in ideas from varying industries from sports. As discussed in Sports Leadership in the 21st Century, transformational leaders are “those who inspire followers to achieve extraordinary outcomes while also helping to develop the individual leadership skills of their followers” (Borland, p. 46). Transformational leaders employ the necessary leadership skills to transcend industries through idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. These skills allow for leaders to inspire their followers to transform their ways. Transformational leaders are constantly needed in the sports industry to adapt to the constant changes in the sports industry. There is no one in the film industry that employs these leadership skills as much as Steven Spielberg. Steven Allan Spielberg has transcended the film industry through his meticulous directing, producing, and screenwriting. Spielberg has constantly produced award-winning films through his unwavering desire to collaborate and work well with others. He is a true visionary that has changed the way the film industry through his usage of special effects and technical advancements. His leadership skills could also transcend the sports industry through his desire to collaborate with others and unparalleled desire to produce a well-received product. A…

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