Slavery In Africa

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Transformation of Slavery in Africa
As in most of the world, slavery was used in Africa a long time ago. There are a lot of definitions of the slavery, and all of them are correct. And there are also many kinds of slavery around the world. Some people in Africa were found as the property, while others were put into the families with their masters. Usually slaves were black, but often their masters were black too. Those slaves were kept to do all hard work at home or at the field, to take care of their master, or were used as the money. From all the known sources we can tell that slavery started in the beginning of seventh century in Middle East and Europe. From the seventh century to the twentieth century people attacked black people, slaved
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Since that time Africa became the center of the transcontinental slave trading and transportation of the slaves grew up each year. The ancient groups like Greeks and romans created the route to the Mediterranean Sea around fifth century. And that was the time when North Africa was invaded the first time. The representatives of groups were looking for the cheap labor and Africa with large amount of black people became the ideal place to start research. A couple centuries later Europeans and Middle East will also use Africa as the source of free …show more content…
Europeans became less interested with the agriculture and pushed harder towards development of the industry. USA and Great Britain banned slavery in 1807. All the colonies of these countries were forbidden to spread slavery in 1833 and were extremely punished for any attempts. The same thing happened to the French colonies in 1848. The last step was made by USA when Thirteenth Amendment to Constitution was created to stop any thinking about slavery. However atlantic slave trade existed partially up to 1888 when Brazil banned the slavery, so the road to South America was closed. Unfortunately, the slavery got the highest point at Africa at that time. To stop slavery Europeans started to created colonies around the whole African continent to make sure slavery will not be spread. During twentieth century all the African slave states. Even slavery was banned it was partially practiced in some parts of the world. People, who used to be slaves in the past, received the right to become normal citizens of the country and lead normal life. However, some of them didn’t want to change social status and continued to work as much as they used to do. Everything stopped by the time of 1930 when slavery disappeared. Finish of slavery influenced Africa as the continent so much. Many countries looked back to the African history and created rights to make sure nothing what happened to Africa would

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