Transcultural Nursing And The Cultural Care Theory Essay examples

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Madeleine Leininger is considered to be the mother of transcultural nursing and the cultural care theory. She earned a nursing confirmation from St. Anthony 's Hospital School of Nursing, trailed by college degrees at Benedictine College and Creighton University. She also received a Master of Science in Nursing at Catholic University of America. She later concentrated on social and social human sciences at the University of Washington where she obtained her PhD in 1966. Dr. Leininger also held at least three honorary doctoral degrees and served on numerous faculty boards as well as a dean at several colleges and universities prior to her death in 2012. When it comes to transcultural nursing, one major difficulty is conveying to this multicultural society an amazing consideration that meets the fitting needs of the patient, subsequently it is imperative that care is given in a way that regards and obliges everybody 's social and religious needs. Mindfulness about societies and their effect on connections with human services is principal for attendants in any care setting.
Culture is one of the sorting out ideas whereupon nursing is based and characterized. Leininger (2002) characterizes culture as an arrangement of qualities, convictions and customs that are driven by a particular gathering of individuals and passed on from era to era. Culture is found out shared and transmitted qualities, life route practices of a specific gathering that aides considering, choices and…

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