Transcendentalism Significant Authors and Works Essay

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Transcendentalism : Significant Authors and Works Transcendentalism was a physiological and literary movement that began in New England in the 1840's. Many highly regarded scholars at this time attended meetings in Boston to discuss and write about spiritual ideas ; They called themselves the Transcendentalists. They had very radical opinions and were nonconformists when it came to organized religion. Their goal was to share a personal sense of spirituality and to tell that everyone had a private relationship between themselves and the universe, better known as 'The Eternal One' theory. Many important authors gained fame form this movement, such as : Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman. Ralph Waldo Emerson is …show more content…
This book was about all the beautiful nature he witnessed during his two year stay at Walden Pond. “This man is still a fisher, and belongs to an era in which I myself have lived. Perchance he is not confounded by many knowledges, and has not sought out many inventions, but how to take many fishes before the sun sets, with slender birchen pole and flaxen line, that is invention enough for him.” This quote shows that even though the fisher and Thoreau live in a day of invention and opportunity, they both return to their roots in nature for work and writing. As Thoreau continued his career, he grew closer and closer with nature, it is said that his last two words were "Indian" and "moose". Margret Fuller also played a big role in transcendentalism ; She wrote many famous essay's on nature and women's equality. In 1844, she published an extensive book about her trip west ; Summer on the Lakes. "The rapids enchanted me far beyond what I expected; they are so swift that they cease to seem so; you can think only of their beauty. The fountain beyond the Moss Islands, I discovered for myself, and thought it for some time an accidental beauty which it would not do to leave, lest I might never see it again." Fuller did her best to paint a vivid picture of nature just like the other transcendentalist of her time. She deeply valued the ideas of becoming one with nature and captured that in her writings. Along with valuing nature, she also was very big on

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