Transcendentalism In Poe And Gaiman's The Beauty Of Self

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Hannah Stahmer
Essay Two
The Beauty of Self
“Cats don’t have names…. now you people have names. That’s because you don’t know who you are” (Gaiman). If you aren’t familiar with the childhood story of Coraline, the underlying messages of self-discovery and the power of knowledge are prominent throughout the tale. The cat represents knowledge and aids the young girl in the development of herself. The theme of self-exploration, self-expression and emergent identity can be found within many literary works, especially in those by transcendentalist authors. The internal conflict, known as man versus self, describes an individual 's struggle with morality or their own flaws, while the external conflict of man versus society shows
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Through the analysis of these themes found in writing’s by; Poe, Melville, and Whitman the reader can gain a better insight of the impact of existentialism and romanticism in eighteenth century literature, and discovers the importance of …show more content…
Conflict brings characters’ life allowing us to see a little of ourselves in their innate humanity, and is simply two opposing forces that keep you intrigued and allow you to learn and grow with the characters. Internal conflict arises when a character experiences two opposite emotions or desires and causes mental agony, portrayed in Poe’s work and external conflict is a struggle with outside forces of opposite thought as seen in Bartleby, the Scrivener. If the narrator of Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, never experienced conflict between good and evil/ killing the man or not killing the man, the story would be pointless and uneventful. If Bartleby never “preferred not” the story would be about a boring man with a boring job. Conflict brings a sense of humanity to the characters and helps readers to learn and grow from the story 's

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