Transcendentalism By William Whitman And Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

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Transcendentalism is an idea that came about in roughly 1836 in the middle of the Romantic Era. Transcendentalism is a philosophy that centers itself around one’s own intuitions rather than later teachings. Since Transcendentalism is a subset of American Romanticism, it encouraged people to think on their own and individualize themselves. Transcendentalists believed in experiencing the world for what it was and learning through experience. They also believed that society interfered with one’s true understanding of the world and they encouraged people to think independently because that was when they were at their best. This philosophy did not only apply to thinking, but to literature as well.
Although there were many transcendentalists Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson were two of the most famous writers from this literary movement. Along with Henry David Thoreau and a few others, they wrote about the idea of only being depending on oneself. This included experiencing the natural world, being true to oneself, and gaining one’s own knowledge. They believed that intuition had a much greater value than tuition. In their minds, just understanding the information presented to them was significantly inferior to encountering the world and taking in their own account of the knowledge. Transcendentalists believed in disregarding the information presented to them and going out to seek their own account of the information, even if what was presented to them would turn out…

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