Transcendence Movie Analysis

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Transcendence, An inspiring film presents an idea that many people contain. Grit arrays a person that portrays courage, a strength of character, and great amount of determination as well as presenting an inspirational characteristic. Used by Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall, grit was presented in the film by explaining the mind and thoughts of artificial intelligence. Rebecca or in the film known as Evelyn Caster keeps determination for bringing Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) into the world of artificial intelligence for specific reasons. The determination portrayed by both characters includes many pieces of information. Including the creation of nano technology and artificial intelligence. Both Casters show their grit by their success in the film …show more content…
For example the Glaucoma I have limits me and provides less capabilities than other people, students, or children may have. There form of seeing is slightly to increasingly clearer and precisely larger unless carrying the same condition. Yes, certain people still wear glasses. Though comparing both, the relationship occurs no where as badly as only being able to see correctly out of one eye. The capabilities for some people with Glaucoma would be their capability of possibly only being able to see out of time eye, have narrowed vision, or very bad vision. Depending on the type of Glaucoma the variation will be different in vision wise as well as possible personality. Though having the determination of being to surpass this disadvantage and maybe turn it into an advantage or improve it yourself. I was specifically born with it and have gone with it everyday. Statistically show that “It is estimated that over 3 million Americans have glaucoma but only half of those know they have it.” Managing to go beyond the capabilities limited helps in the long run. Grit will help pass everyday of life slowly though surely and able to help improve any issue or goal pleased. Personally it will be used to acquire an advancement in everything possible. The advancements include learning computer languages now for the long run in career and personally maybe to create a website or smartphone application. Advancing in this will not only lead to the career but can be used for more tasks. Giving everything you got is what every person

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