Transactional Process For Helping People Essay

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Some might view her transactional process for her drive to help people as a psychological need to feel happy. Her transactions are to get the feedback from others that she never received as a child from her mother. This results in a reciprocal interaction between her as a child was missing between her and her care giver. (Kerig, Ludlow, Wenar, 25) when she was young her mother neglected her which led to having severe attachment issues. Also, her grandmother was very authoritarian, so she never had the the cherished childhood that some children get. (Wikipedia, 1) In a normal reaction to all of the Post Traumatic Stress that she has received most of her life she shouldn’t have been so successful as she is now. In a way, her show is how she was able to cope with all of the stress she has dealt with in her life. We say that because her show seems to mainly focus on the viewing audience. So, during her show she looks for the satisfaction of her audience to give her that rush she needed to feel as a child; since most of her childhood was all about the negative. She needed a way to end up focusing more on the positive aspect of her show. So in order for her to feel this satisfaction over and over again she applied some training methods to make the people keep on coming back. She used the classic case of positive reinforcement to get people to keep on coming back to the show. That is why after each show she would end up giving the whole studio audience something for coming to…

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