Essay about Trans Pacific Partnership Is An Agreement

710 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
Trans pacific partnership is an agreement that the all the countries on the pacific rim to enable trading between them without any restrictions. This agreement like many other agreements in the global trading it has some advantages and disadvantages. Some of these global trading agreement failed and some stay working successfully till today. All of these global trade agreements whether its successful or not, they only serve the global trading companies by letting these companies to trade without paying tariffs and that way is help the rich people to become more ricer and also it let those business people to move their companies away from their original countries to other countries that has cheap labor and more easy laws in buying or selling lands and other properties and low or no taxes. Sometimes to force the people agree on some of agreement, the governments say that these agreements will let an economic expansion and give more labor opportunities and raise wages but those agreements become ratified and legal, nothing of these promises happen. Also some of these agreements give promises about environment protection like stopping air pollution. Sometimes we have to know if the agreements’ regulation is working or no to be evaluated as a successful or failure agreements. This paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of (TPP) and why the people of each of the twelve countries should agree to ratify that agreement. Also how to know that it’s regulations is working.…

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