Trans-Hudson Orogen Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… It is interpreted to extend southwards into the United States below the Williston basin and extends northeast into Nunavut and northern Quebec wrapping around the Archean Superior craton (Ansdell, 2005). The THO is the end result of the closure of the Manikewan Ocean (Stauffer, 1984) which resulted in the formation juvenile crust which was eventually accreted onto the Archean Superior and Hearne cratons as well as a number of smaller cratons including the Sask Craton (Lewry et al.,1994). The THO preserves a relatively complete tectonostratigraphic evolutionary history including evidence for rifting (ca. 2450-1950 Ma), the formation of oceanic crust (ca. 2000-1800 Ma), and sedimentary assemblages deposited along continental margins and younger (1880-1830 Ma) collisional and foredeep basins (Ansdell, 2005). The southwest exposed portion of the THO in the Canadian Shield is known as the Manitoba – Saskatchewan Trans-Hudson Orogen (MS-THO). The MS-THO is subdivided into three zones: Hearne Province, Superior Boundary Zone and the Reindeer Zone the latter of which encompasses the Flin Flon greenstone belt. The rock assemblages in the Flin Flon greenstone belt can be recognized to have formed in distinct, dominantly oceanic tectonic settings related to the Manikewan Ring of Fire, an island-arc – back-arc-basin subduction zone …show more content…
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