Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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March 7, 2006
Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

Slavery originated from Africa "after the Bantu migrations spread agricultural to all parts of the continent." Africans would buy slaves to enlarge their families and have more power. Also, they would buy slaves in order to sell them to make a profit. It then spread out from Africa to Portugal and was said, "it is estimated that during the four and a half centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Portugal was responsible for transporting over 4.5 million Africans (roughly 40% of the total)." There was one purpose of slaves and that was work, at little or no cost. Nobody wanted to pay others when there really was not that much money in the economy to begin with. The Europeans
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A great deal of people ventured over to the Americas in search of money, there became and abundant amount of people so, profit was not easily obtained. In the beginning the European's would have "white indentured servants" sent over to carry out the necessary responsibilities that came along with having a plantation. During the time that Europe was dealing with their issues, the Spanish and Portuguese were dealing with the same thing. They also had slaves, of Indian ethnicity, but soon they started to die off. The Indians were not used to the hard work that they had to perform, and were not used to the diseases that the Europeans, Portuguese and Spanish brought over with them. Since they were "working [the Indians] to death" the Portuguese and Spanish colonies had to find other slaves, this is when the Portuguese started to import Africans, which in turn, started the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. They would raid any village and would capture men only because they were the hardest working of the sexes. Then later they began to take anyone who lived in the village, no matter the age or size. The Portuguese would send the slaves in cargo ships, which was very unhealthy. All the slaves were shoved into one area and were not fed very often and when they were it was only enough to keep them alive. Most of them got sick and if one got sick, they all got sick because they were all in one area. The times of slavery were very

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