Trajan's Forum Analysis

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On the third day ashore, I made my first visit to Trajan’s Forum. The forum is two centuries old and was built by Emperor Trajan after their successful wars against the Dacians. Using the riches acquired during the wars, the Emperor rewarded the Roman citizens with the building of the forum. Construction was started in 107 CE and completed in 112 CE. The Emperor used architect Apollodorua of Damascus to construct the forum. The forum which is the largest in Roma, is a vast complex which has squares, the Basilica Ulpia, Trajan Column and the Divine Temple of Trajan (see figures 9, 10, and 11). Similar to the Agora of Athens, it is the center of commerce and politics within Roma.
Upon arrival we entered Trajan’s Forum through an elegant archway called the Triumphal Arch. The arch led to a large square which the Romans called a piazza. The sqaure is a massive eighty meters by a hundred and twenty meters. The square is the center of ceremony and business. In the center of the piazza stands a very large statue of Emperor Trajan and a horse which appears to be over 12 meters tall!. Beyond the square to the right is a market with
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The Basilica is 170m by almost 60m. It has a central opening of three arches and single large arches on two sides which are framed by columns (see figure x) and crowned by groups of statues. The Basilica is opulent with marble floors, marble walls, granite columns and a bronze-tiled roof (see figures 13 and 14). It appears to function as the center for legal affairs as well as a location to display the spoils of the prior wars. In the interior there are statues of Dacians which my Roman guide said represented their integration into the Roman Empire. While that is probably true, they also appeared to demonstrate the subjugation of the Dacians to the Roman military. On the northwest side there are two openings that lead to the courtyard where the Column of Trajan is

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