Essay on Training Sports And Getting Education

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Training sports and getting education are both compulsory courses for Chinese students in school system, especially before students graduate from high school. In the adolescent age, students would spend most of their time in school. At this time, the mental and physical of students start be maturity and transmit to adult, however, students cannot just stay inside to get education all day, to have appropriate sports practice would be important as getting education in high school. However, some parents and students think getting education would more important than training sports, because only the test scores would be crucial factories to decide what kind of university they can go after graduation.
Both of sports and education have benefit for students’ development in different aspects, like physical and mental; these two aspects are significant for students transmit from adolescent to adult. Training sports can help students have health physical and education would make students become a remarkable and knowledge person in future. Education would have strong pressure for students, the high volume of assignments and teats might cause students feel headache and hard to focus on studying when they concentrate on memory knowledge or finish homework for a little while. To have health body and energy would be the mainly reason to maintain clear mind to study or work. If students insist to play sports for a long time, it would help them have high sleep quality, and the physical…

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