Training Program Paper

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Developing a Training Plan
University of Phoenix
Organizational Leadership – LDR/531
Bridget Peaco
December 6, 2010

Developing a Training Plan

Organizations can help to improve employee communications and ethical practices among employees by having a successful training program in place. When a successful training program is in place, those trainings can provide other unique opportunities for organizations because those trainings can help to give employees important information that can help them be more successful at their job. When employees are successful at their job, that then equals more success for the organization. Training new employees and team environments is best implemented when the organization develops a training
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The management staff at Enron did not have effective communications. Management staff thought more of how contracts could be beneficial to them, instead of how beneficial those contracts were to Enron’s overall success. Another downfall to Enron was the fact that they didn’t conduct a competitive bidding process. Not conducting a competitive bidding process ultimately affected the business as a whole and the employee’s job stability. When the leadership and management team decided to have disregard to their obligations, but more regard to unethical decisions, the downfall of Enron began.
With that being said, a training plan would have definitely been beneficial for Enron to implement. The downfall of Enron happen because there was no successful training plan implemented. In order for teams to be successful and effective at what they are trying to accomplish, they must communicate and communicate clear and concise, which would have been in the training plan. Effective communications can mean the difference between success and failure. Being that, an effective training plan should include information ranging from employee communications, ethical practices, conflict resolution, decision making and any other useful information that will help the team work together to reach overall success.
This training plan will focus on effective communications, the structure and responsibility of the Enron team, conflict resolution, team building and ethical decision making. These

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