Essay about Training Outcomes And The Dnp Focus Program Outcomes

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How have you met the Regis University graduate program outcomes and the DNP focus program outcomes?
I have accomplished knowledge, and have met the programs outcomes
In depth knowledge of a discipline or content area
With great pride I can say they have gain knowledge in many area in nursing during this course, but particularly so in NR708 Health Care Policy. Having a conversation with the mayor, and understanding the how true advocacy can impact health care was a revelation. I now understand how laws are made and who controlled the decisions. I learned that nursing profession is a formidable force, that if we come together we change the course of lives, influence health care decisions and shape a new era in history. I learn that the role that I will take on, is above all superior, it is rooted in evidence, stands on the pillars of integrity, touts the respect for others, shines with the quality , draws on the strength of others, handles the reigns of leadership with authenticity. I learned more about the Affordable Care Act how it affected others the good points and the not so good points and I can now hold a an intelligent conversation with my peers and others.
Knowledge of diverse cultures, perspectives and belief systems
I could clearly see the importance of prevention and population health activities in improving the health status of not only the Americans population but also the population of all nations. I saw understood the health status of the Philippines and the…

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