Training of Ritz-Carlton Employees Essay

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How does the training of Ritz-Carlton employees instill a culture of quality?
Ritz-Carlton believed that a comprehensive training program was necessary to instill its values in employees and educate them about its service standards.
Initial Orientation
New hires at each Ritz-Carlton hotel participate in a 2-day orientation program. The members of the top management (GM, ppl of HR department) generally conducted the initial orientation. Using those top management, because Ritz-Carlton hotel believed that it was time well spent as it allowed the new recruits to be introduced to the company’s culture by a reliable person. During the initial orientation, the new recruits were familiarized with Ritz-Carlton’s standards, philosophy, history,
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Those who did not pass were given the option to leave or to look for employment in a department more suited to their abilities.
Day 365 and recertification
The last stage of Ritz-Carlton’s formal training program was Day 365, where employees were recognized for one year of ‘loyal service’ and were recertified after going through a written test, interviews and role-plays. Ritz-Carlton celebrated its employees’ one-year anniversary by presenting them with ‘service pins’. This ritual indicated that the employee had become a formal part of the team. By this time, each employee would have received about 310 hours of training from the company on a variety of topics like jobs skills, language and computer courses, and the company’s culture.
After the first year, employees received an average of 100hours of training every year. Equal importance was given to imparting technical skills and helping employees assimilate Ritz-Carlton’s culture. The conducted company workshops and classes on a monthly or quarterly basis.
The Daily Lineup
The daily lineup was s formal mechanism through which Ritz-Carlton reinforced its Gold Standards and service values. At the start of every shift, all the employees in a department met for about 15minutes under the direction of a facilitator, who could be the department head or any one of the employees. This time was spent discussing day-to-day matters like the arrival of guests for the day, special preferences of the

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