Training Needs Assessment Essays

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Training Needs Assessment
Inspector General Team
The Headquarters AMC Inspector General has a team of 83 inspectors who go from base to base performing inspections to give the AMC Commander an idea of each wings compliance and readiness.
The team performs many types of inspections; however, the two largest inspections are the Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) and the Compliance Inspection (CI). During an ORI, airmen undergo evaluations that measure the ability of their unit to perform in wartime and during a contingency or a force sustainment mission while at any deployed location. During a CI the IG assess the wing's adherence with by-law requirements, Executive Orders, DOD Directives, and Air Force and MAJCOM instructions. The
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The focus group identified several training areas specific to AMC that were not included in the requirements sent down by headquarters. Some of these findings were, that new inspectors struggle to complete their inspection checklists correctly, improperly evaluated deficiencies, did not understand some of the terms used during ORI’s and could not use the software program to document their findings proficiently. Their findings were briefed to the Inspector General who agreed additional training was needed to ensure they could meet mission requirements and would receive support from all division chiefs and inspectors as well as ensure all resources needed were available for training as long as funding was kept to essential needs to ensure training effectiveness. In order to meet the IG’s strategic direction, the IG directed that the training program meet the following requirements:
- Align with all HQ Air Force and AMC directives
- Be supported by division chiefs
- Include best practices from other commands
- Incorporate both hands-on and classroom instruction
- Involve general steps for preparing for, conducting, and documenting an inspection
Person Analysis
In order to determine if trainees have the basic skills, motivation and

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