Training Needs Assessment For Signature Designer Services Essay

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Training Needs Assessment for Signature Designer Services
Judith Trujillo de Vazquez
Metropolitan University Training Needs Assessment for Signature Designer Services Competition has become very competitive and it is affecting delivery services in the metro area today. Because consumers have many choices; the marketplace has become very competitive. Companies have to be innovative and make changes in order to compete and satisfy customer’s needs. Training can be a costly expense particularly for small companies. Many of these type companies can’t afford to waste time or money associated with training. However it is important that if there is training, it should be focused and appropriate (Bolton, 2016). Training needs assessment will help identify if there is a need for training and what type of training objectives should be covered.
Organization Analysis The company being analyze for this project is Signature Designer Services (SDS). It is a small organization with only 8 employees. Of these eight employees three are office administrators, one is warehouse personnel and four are delivery truck drivers. They are located in Plymouth, Minnesota. The company was established in 2014 and has being having steady growth. SDS is a furniture warehouse and delivery company. They work with interior designers and showrooms who custom order fine furniture and accessories. They receive their orders into the warehouse; inventory them and delivery into their customer’s…

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