Training As A Tool That Impacts Knowledge And Skills On Workers Of An Organization

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The organization should also promote the conduct of employee training as a measure to help in the management of the shortcomings. Training is an important tool that impacts knowledge and skills on workers of an organization (Burkholder & Sartain, 2016). The learning experience makes members have a deep savvy and understanding of the issues and operation. Thus, the workers will easily handle the setbacks that emerge in the workplace environment and also develop strategies and mechanisms that will prevent further effects of the shortcomings. The foreseeable future depicts the in cooperation of technology in a workplace environment. The example of technology that is likely to be in use involves that use of social media as a communication tool in the organization. The rapid growth and development in the technological sector have resulted in a high number of individuals having to embrace the social media platform. Thus, the in cooperation with social media sites such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook on workplace will cause an increase in speed towards communication process. The staff members will adequately receive information on important matters which in turn they will promptly give feedback on things that require the provision of answers. Moreover, shortly, talent management is a program that majority of the organizations are highly going to improve and add to their calendar routine. Talent management and training programs provide additional skills and knowledge that…

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