Training and Motivation Essay

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To What Extent Can We Attribute High Individual Performance To Employee Training, Learning And Development?

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In this composition, we explore the relationship between training and learning, and to what extent is affects individual job performance. Before we look into that, we define job performance as “the value of the set of employee behaviors that contribute, either positively or negatively, to organizational goal accomplishment” (Colquitt et al, 2009: 37). Bratton et el (2007) defines learning as “the process of constructing new knowledge and it’s ongoing reinforcement”. Firstly, we investigate how organizations view the importance of training and whether or not this is the only way to improve
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Standards – These are the goals set by the organization. They are guidelines in which employees follow to achieve a specific goal that facilitate the organization’s aim. An example of how to implement this is by using the S.M.A.R.T. goal.

The following research study was conducted, aiming to prove the notion that training and learning alone will not improve job performance. It focused on the relationship between the patrol officer basic academy performance and job performance. This was measured by field training evaluations. Police patrol officer basic training was chosen for several reasons:
All states require patrol officers to receive a specified amount of training before being allowed to serve as patrol officers. Training hours range from 400 to 1200 hours.
Most patrol officer basic training is standardized.
Training is extremely job specific, focusing on specific knowledge, actions and behaviors which is used on the job.
Many activities learned are repeated from start to finish of training period.
Sufficient amounts of reinforcement are provided to trainees and are immediately provided through direct evaluation by instructor.
Material is presented in small amounts and is repeated several times throughout the duration of the course.
There are many different types of training such as lecture, role play, programmed instruction, job simulation, case study and behavioral

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