Essay on Training And Developing Employees For Optimum Performance

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Training and Developing Employees for Optimum Performance
Business organizations have consistently changed their strategies to adjust to the dynamic business world. Sustainability is one of the paramount aspects in business organizations as management endeavors to cope up with the regulatory pressures, customers’ demands, social responsibilities, and climate changes among others. The human resource plays a critical role in ensuring the organization maintains its sustainability goal. It is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that employees are equipped with the relevant skills to ensure efficacy in the workplace. Training and development programs vary from one organization to the other based on the required skills and expertise. In achieving excellent performance and productivity, an organization ought to have top-notch expertise. Typically, organizations carry out performance appraisals and evaluations to ascertain the level of employees’ performance and their input. Therefore, organizations equip and maintain employees with competitive skills and experience in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. This paper seeks to establish various ways through which business organizations carry out training and development programs and their implications on the overall performance.
In the current business realm, employees’ training and development have taken precedence in many organizations, as a strategy to improve performance and productivity. Nevertheless, the training and…

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