Trail of Tears Essay

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Title of the Lesson: Trail of Tears

Content Area(s): Social Studies, Literature, Technology

Unit of Study: Trail of Tears/US History

Grade Level: 4-6

Time Frame: Comprehensive Unit/Lesson scheduled to take 3 weeks including reading of novel and a few different projects

NCSS Themes: 1. Culture, 2. Time, Continuity and Change 3. People, Places & Environment
4. Individual Development and Identity 5. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
6. Power, authority, and governance

Standards: Social Studies Standards: Native American Indians of New York State Purposes of government Industrial growth and expansion

ELA Standards: Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and
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I plan to work with all the 4th grade classes together and have one teacher get in front of the room and announce the 4th grade must relocate because the another grade want their rooms. They have to leave their stuff behind because the other grade wants to use it for their benefit and are going to take credit for everything we worked hard on all year. I expect a couple students to say how unfair it is that they put in the work and they are not getting the credit for it. That it is unfair for another grade to just take over their things and claim it as their own. This is how I want to introduce the Removal Act. I will explain the act to the class then introduce the historical fiction book, Weasel. Ask the students, an

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