Diary Entry About Jruggling

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Entry #1
Today I decided to embark on a new activity. I decided it was time to start learning to juggle. How I went about doing this was assigning myself 30mins for three times during one week. I planned to start with two scarfs then adding another then changing to actual tennis balls and go from there. So today was the trail day for juggling. Before starting I made sure my surrounding area was safe because I was planning on throwing things around which could be dangerous at times. I was wanted a safe environment because I was starting a new skill and did not feel confidant. In the book adventure play they mention the basics for safe environment. “ in order to learn , no matter what the skill or subject is , certain essential conditions must
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First came anger. I was angry with myself because I was unable to catch the scarfs. After each throw they would end up on the floor. Then I would catch one and then drop the other again. It was a cycle that would not break. I got frustrated to no end. I did not think I would ever be able to catch the scarfs continuously. Thus began the next stage, depression. I thought I was no good and did not want to continue. At my age I believed my hand eye coordination was better than it appeared to be. At this moment I took a little break, got a drink and focused on the big picture. Thus began the upward turn in my activity. I reflected on what happened, and realized I wasn’t going to be prefect my first time trying something new. I realized learning something takes time and practice. At this point the fourth stage began, working through. I was determined to not give up on learning something new. I was committed in my learning to try an accomplish todays lesson. With that thought in mind came the last stage, acceptance. I accepted that I was going to do this and was going to be successful the best I could be. With that thought in mind, my juggling became a bit better. I began to catch more scarfs and felt confident in continuing after a failed attempt. Theses stages gave me a lot to think about when teaching a new skill. I know I am not the only person that feels this way when learning. This learning technique made me feel like a young child learning for the first time. With this encounter of emotions, I don’t think I had a safe enough safe for me. I thought I had everything however I did not have the support of others o encourage me. With that idea I tend to ensure and promote group based activity for physically and emotional learning. In the book, they had mentioned different concepts; however the one that stood out for me the most to included in my teaching is “ The Full Value Concept”. “This concept

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