Tragedy Is Greater Than Comedy Essay

781 Words Jul 20th, 2015 4 Pages
Many critics, dramatists, and readers alike usually consider tragedy to be superior to comedy. I agree and believe that these people are correct. Comedy does attract a large field of viewers and of a much younger and older age but the tragedy affects many more people. The tragedy gives a person a suspense that they usually cannot get from the comedy. The tragedy can be about something that is unrealistic or something in the future with a major event and a major plot. People are attracted to the suspense a film or reading can produce more than a laugh. If I were to read a story or a play I would much greater prefer a suspenseful story then something that makes me laugh during it. I’m going to help show why I believe tragedy is greater than comedy and also explain the differences between the two. The definition of tragedy is “A play that portrays a serious conflict between human beings and some superior, overwhelming force. It ends sorrowfully and disastrously, an outcome that seems inevitable” (pg. 682 book). In current times a T.V. serious that is a tragedy that is very popular would be The Walking Dead. Its shows a lot of suspense and the characters are faced with an overwhelming force of zombies and it seems that they will all die inevitably but the show continues and gives the viewers a suspenseful story line. An example of tragic style play would be the scene from Doctor Faustus. In this scene it is considered Elizabethan tragedy because the tragic hero (Dr.…

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