Tragedy In Dontes Inferno

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The play was very similar to a poem I used to read called Dontes inferno. I love that it’s a sad and dark play it is most definitely a tragedy. The way I feel after watching it made me die inside. I love the person I am currently with and I am planning on getting married to her, like in the play and yet I know that we can die anytime and anywhere. I cannot imagine the sadness of the loss of a friend or a person I love is what hurts me the most. The play is something I got really personal with maybe the story or the fact I’m in the black box but I felt a similar connection to Orpheus. The saddest part to me is when Eurydice writes a letter to Orpheus’ future wife where it says to take care of him and be nice. The reason I was about to fall …show more content…
The only point on a funeral is to send the ones who has passed a nice place in where ever they go. People believe in a lot of things in religion and things but the true way to understand what death is like is to experience it but not a lot of people come back from being dead not like a zombie. The way we live our lives is what people say at our funerals the ones that love us tell you how we were the one you love shows the people how we loved in our lives. The celebration of humanity comes from our time of birth to our death and that is just simply our …show more content…
The play takes a twist in the realism of things going to the underworld and dying and coming back to life little things like that. Overall the characters seem to be the main reason why I was interested because it was a bit humorous that the play is called Eurydice and the first one to die is Eurydice. The play still continues but I just that that was pretty funny, she does eventually die for real after her father but the thing I love about the characters is that I can relate to them. The other thing is that if you switched the roles and genders you can get a pretty good play as well maybe not too good but the characters are there and the play is open to lots of

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