Traffic Problems In Smog

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Beijing is an international city and many people live there. The traffic system is perfect and medical level is higher than other cities in China. It seems that everything is wonderful but there is a serious issue: smog. People feel terrible because when the air is full of ashes and toxic chemical substances, we will have to wear heavy mask and it is really hard to breathe. The smog in Beijing has influenced people’s life in many aspects and in this essay, I will introduce three aspects of the effects: physical health, mental healthy and traffic problems. Let’s begin our journey and first discuss physical health. In fact, if Beijing’s municipal economy were classified as a country, it's economy would be the 35th largest in the whole world …show more content…
Air pollution with poor visibility will disrupt air and ground traffic in many parts of northern China. Aviation law requires a minimum flight visibility in all types of air spaces, ranging from 1 NM and up depending on the airspace you fly in and pilots have to obey the rule which is called “low visibility procedures” that means planes landing at an airport must be separated by six miles (Walker 2006). When the smog is coming, Beijing’s scene is like Silent Hill (1999) and you can not see your partners although they are close to you. Last year, Beijing’s government said that because of the smog, they suspended their flight service, leaving 131 flights canceled and 75 delayed (XinHua 2016). Not only the air plane but also the ground traffic system is effected by the smog. You can not see the cars around you because of low visibility so you have to decrease your speed to avoid car accidents, however, sometimes the situation is not controllable so that the risk of accidents are higher than normal days. I really hate the smog and last year I had been through a tough day because of the smog. It is the end of the spring festival and I booked a plane ticket on website to go back to school on time. However, when I got to the airport, all of the flights had been canceled and the planes could not take off and land in because of the heavy smog. I am an optimistic man and I still thought I can back to school on time so I

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