Traditional Schooling Vs Traditional Schools Essay

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An Online Decision
In this modern society there are many people that want to go back to school for self-development or to improve the family situation in which many do not approve. Going back to school would be another alternative of improving some families ' living conditions. Since modern technology is changing, many people are considering attending online schooling than traditional schooling. Many online schools are preferred over traditional schooling because of its flexibility, its ' inexpensive schooling costs, and finally full time employees find it easier to enroll with online schooling than most traditional school institutions.
Online schooling is more flexible to moms, deployers, and full time workers when it comes to completing school work on a daily basis.
“At Van Gorder 's institution, about 70 percent of students in the online general studies program are females, a trend mirrored in online undergraduate programs throughout the country. In 2012-2013, for example, women made up 54 percent of the students at 147 online bachelor’s programs that reported data to U.S. News.” (Moms Share Secrets to Success, 2014)

“ A lot of research shows that women who are mothers – even if they are working full time, are doing more house work and child care than fathers," says Jennifer Fraone, associate director of marketing and communications at the Boston College Center for Work & Family. "And that’s been a fact for as long as we can document."(Moms Share Secrets to Success,…

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