Traditional Medicine And Alternative Forms Of Spirituality Essay

1230 Words May 6th, 2015 null Page
Curanderismo has been a presence in my life since I was very young. Growing up in a small community in Northern New Mexico ensured that I was exposed to traditional medicine and alternative forms of spirituality. This class was not my first exposure to curanderismo, though many of the readings and videos helped clarify and explain many of the elements of curanderismo that had been present in my life, but had not been explained. Curanderismo is just as much of a form of cultural expression as it is a form of traditional healing. Personally, curanderismo is a link to my cultural and family history, helping to continue traditions that my family has had for generations. In addition to learning about traditional forms of medicine and keeping traditions alive, this class helped me connect with my culture and embrace a part of it that is becoming harder and harder to connect with. Like many individuals from small towns in New Mexico, my first experience with curanderismo was a personal one. My grandmother, for the short time that I knew her, would commonly have unusual remedies and practices that she engaged in. Being so young, I didn’t quite understand much of what was going on. It seemed that any ailment or sickness my family had was rarely, if ever, taken care of by a doctor. Instead my grandmother would have some trick or ritual to partake in to help. I distinctly remember a type of salve she would make that seemed to relieve any type of pain, be it muscle pain, burns, or…

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