Essay on Traditional Media vs. Emerging Media

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Vickie Coston

Online education vs. Traditional education

Do you enjoy sitting in class with peers and taking notes and while listening to the professor’s lecture? Or do you prefer sitting at home alone, learning at your own pace? Online education allows the students to learn at his or her pace, while traditional education gives students the tools to succeed in a more competitive environment. Personal learning styles differ. Therefore, the differences between online education and traditional education in terms of instruction and social interaction might be worth considering when choosing between online education and traditional education.
Online education has a huge advantage over traditional education because it allows you to
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Students also might be required to learn new or enhanced programs that are hard to understand..
Traditional education has many advantages over online education. Traditional education will give an opportunity to meet new people face to face. Your contacts will grow when meeting new people and seeing how they act, and your networking opportunities will increase. Traditional education provides interactive in the classroom that promotes the open exchange of different ideas of every student. Having many students learning in the same classroom has the added benefit of giving the students an opportunity to exchange questions and ideas with one another providing another valuable learning opportunity that online environments cannot replicate. One on one interaction with the professor also allows for ideas to be exchanged freely and without any problems with communication. You get immediate feedback from your instructor and you get to discuss and resolve your problems in their presence. Online education does not give you the opportunity to have face-to- face interaction; especially in self-paced courses and is difficult to develop relationships with other classmates. Students also might have to wait for feedback and responses from their instructors or and peers. If you study between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. you will have most likely not get a response until the next day. Traditional education has some disadvantages too, such as strict

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