Traditional Marriage And Long-Term Relationships

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When people think of long-term relationships, they tend to think of the traditional marriage. They picture a man and a woman who are married and eventually start a family. While the traditional marriage is still an important long-term relationship, they are other types of relationships that have their own unique benefits. In today’s society there is the tradition marriage, same-sex marriage, polygamous couples, and cohabiting couples. Each type of relationship has benefits for the couple such as married couples earning more money, polygamous couples have a higher level of freedom, or cohabiting couples avoiding the stress and pressure of marriage and commitment. Aside from the benefits to the couple, long-term relationships also play an important role in society. People who are in a long-term relationship …show more content…
This is when the church and the state witness a couple promises their commitment. They take part in this legal union and join the formal institution of marriage. The traditional marriage involves a man and a woman, but recently marriage has extended to include same-sex couples. In this case two men or two women take part in the same union, the only difference being their gender. This type of marriage is not recognized in all parts of the country and by all religions, but the commitment and characteristics are identical to a traditional marriage. Another type of relationship that couples partake in is the polygamous relationship. This couple can either be married or not, but will have multiple partners. If they are married they will have their husband or wife, but each of them will date other people. Their husband or wife becomes a support system for them as they date other people. If they are not married then they simply date multiple people without having to commit to just one. The other type of couple that is prevalent in society today beside marriage and polygamy is

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