Traditional Gender Roles Essay

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There were a few television shows that reinforce the traditional gender roles assigned to both men and woman. “I Love Lucy”, “The Jeffersons”, “Goodtimes”, “All in the Family”, “My Wife and Kids”, and “Fresh Prince of Bell Air” were all traditional gender role television shows. All of these shows had the men working and the women were taking care of everything at home. “The Jeffersons” were a little different than the rest because they had Florence there to do all of the housework and Mrs. Jefferson didn’t do much at all around the house unless she wanted to of course. Another show was “The Brady Bunch” this show was also different from the rest because although they had Alice there to help Ms. Brady because she had a lot of children, …show more content…
Picture books play an important role in the presentation of societal values and are an indication of social norms. Since Weitzman's landmark study of children's picture books (1972), the percentage of female characters has increased by an astounding 30%. Although males and females are approaching being portrayed in equal numbers, female authors and illustrators represent only 24% of the sample. Social implications of these findings include that children of both genders are allowed to cross traditional boundary lines. Boys wear lipstick and girls play outdoors. Adult men, also, are portrayed in traditional and non-traditional roles. Adult women, on the other hand, are constrained to their role as mother and caregiver. Sheer numbers indicate that boys and men are more significant central characters in children's literature and that male authors and illustrators are rewarded more frequently than female authors and illustrators. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
The influence in social construction in forming gender roles are important today because although you have some people who like the traditional roles of a man working and the woman being a stay at home mom. Nowadays that tradition is changing and there is a new tradition coming about where the man and the woman work and they both take care of the family. In our Sociology book

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