Traditional Gender Roles In Japan

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Introduction How do traditional gender roles in Japan affect young women’s views about starting a family and pursuing careers? Many Japanese women struggle to live up to theirs mother’s standards of marriage and career goals. Traditional Japanese women tend to cater to their husband, cook, clean, have children, and not work. It seems as they are still stuck in the old day in age where women had no say in their lives. Nowadays, young women are starting to come out of their comfort zone and do as they please. Today, Japanese women want to get an education, find a career of their choice, and start their family once they have accomplished their goals. In this paper, I will show that young women in Japan are increasingly challenging …show more content…
Tradition Japanese mother tend to paint this picture of happiness and perfection to their children that isn’t real, which makes young girls step out of that traditional mindset. Next, I argued how there is still some type of sexism in the old. Women have fought so long to get some type of equal rights (Dumas 2015), and they are still fighting challenges today. Even in a paycheck you can see the difference of pay from man to women. It’s also getting harder for Japanese women to find a career path that will accept their gender. Japan young women are traveling abroad to find some type of work. This is only delaying marriage, and hurting them mentally. Lastly, I concentrated on the foreign influences, mainly the fashion scene. Japan has its own unique fashion sense, but most women tend to look at American and want to be like them. Older generation lack appearance, which rubs off on their children. Usually, if you see your mother not looking her best you either would not be seen in public with her, or follower her wardrobe malfunction. Young women today cannot be themselves as they fear rejection from their

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