Essay on Traditional Families And Modern Families

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Even though people were born well in both traditional families and modern families, they grew up with different cultural ways. While traditional families focus on the interests of their families or clans, modern families respect the freedom of the individual members. However, according to the modernization today, modern culture use more effective than traditional cultures such as relationship, education, and life. In education, the modern families give space for their children to develop their children thinking, and spend much more time with their children. According to a writer, Hanna Rosin, even though parents had hard work or were busy, they spent time with their children. Also, children had their own places or rooms when they were between three and six years old. However, the children who were born in traditional families did not have freedom and place to develop their own ideas, and their times to stay with their parents were not much even though their parents had time. I was born in the tradition family, and my parents did not spend much time to stay with me although my mother didn’t work when I was young. I could not run outside and did not have a private place to play, so I looked like a prisoner who detained. I had my own place until I was over ten years old. Moreover, the children who were born in modern families use their right or left hands to write when children study, while other children must use their right hands. I remember that when I used my left hand to…

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