Traditional Education: Advantages And Benefits Of Online Education

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Student Name: Jubran Alshahrani Student ID: P1401984x
The use of e-learning is becoming increasingly common on a range of courses in universities. To what extent is this beneficial for your chosen field of study?

During the last decade, the applications of e-learning in the educational institutions have tremendously increased, as a result of developments in the field of information communication technologies (ICT) and the telecommunication. According to Markovic (2010), almost 90% faculties in the USA and Europe are applying the e-learning approach to deliver the their course contents to the students, and learners at virtual universities are showing overwhelming interest in the virtual courses. He further added that percentage of institutions which only provided traditional education in the USA state was 2.4%.
In this essay, the e-learning will be defined; then its importance in delivering the courses effectively to the students will be discussed
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The online learning has been considered to be one of the successful learning method. This is cost-effective and efficient for both the students and the academic institutions. The integration of technology into the traditional teaching methods have revolutionised their quality in terms of delivery of knowledge the online learners. It has been shown that electrical engineers could get benefits from the e-learning in several different ways, such as learning the use of new techniques and instruments, obtaining certificates and diplomas to improve their curriculum vitae without travelling to other countries, and simulating the experiments in virtual environment, which are expensive in real time environment, and accessing the online literature pertaining to electrical engineering field for updating their knowledge. Finally it has been recommended that use of e-learning should be promoted along with the traditional teaching

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