Traditional Curriculum And The Classroom Essay

1400 Words Jan 26th, 2016 null Page
Traditional curriculum is what most of us probably remember from our time as adolescents in the classroom. This technique consists of the teacher passing on information to the students, often times in a lecture setting. It is focused on facts without very much real world application and there is very little room for students to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. The specific subject matter is transferred to the students and requires memorization of facts and/or formulas. In this setting, there is very little room for students to question what they are learning. They are expected to listen to what the teacher passes, memorize it and then be tested on that knowledge with very little understanding of its practical uses. Traditional curriculum is very structured and requires that information be passed in a certain time frame with very little room for change for those students that may struggle because the next topic must be taught.
Concept Curriculum is the “why” of what is being taught. It is knowing the theory behind the concept and how to apply it. This is most effective in math classes where there are many different formulas that are used in order to figure out answers to problems presented. By understanding the concept, students are better able to understand how to get the answer without having to memorize all the different facts and formulas in order to figure it out. When students understand why and how things…

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